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Destacado: 'Cuando no sé quién soy' es el segundo álbum de Amaia Romero
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Purgatory es la pista de apertura y uno de los avances del disco If I never know you like this again de SOAK (2022). Estreno del video oficial dirigido por Ellius Grace el 5 de abril de 2022.



When my life flashes before my eye’s
Will I be ready or beg for more time
Nothing scares me like my irrelevance
Thats why I fill every silence with nonsense

From tomorrow on I’m gonna be legit
No more saying things for the hell of it
You know I get carried away with things I just wanted you to find me interesting

Days avalanche me
Another year flees the scene
I won’t shake hands with the end
But it's breathing down my neck

My birthday wasn’t happy it was bittersweet
When they lit the caterpillar I wanted to scream
I don’t wanna seem ungrateful I just hate goodbyes
After all I spent half this year inside

Purgatory’s full of bad landlords
And people I pretend not to see when I’m hungover
Is it too late then for apologies
When you’re already holding onto the grim reapers sleeve

These days avalanche me
Another year flee’s the scene
I can’t shake hands with the end
But it’s breathing down my neck
I used to wish I was someone else
But I could never fully commit
So I guess its just me and me
And the world in-between

La la la la

When my life flashes before my eyes
I hope that it’s academy worthy
And if it is can Leo play me
I know that’s a big claim in self confidence
Did I ever find out if my name was correct
Or did I just get used to it
Did I do it all did I walk the great wall
Is it possible I’ll be hungry forever
I’ll be hungry forever
I’ll be hungry forever

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