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Destacado: Let's rock es el noveno álbum de estudio de The Black Keys

The future is here

The center won't hold
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The future is here es el segundo adelanto del álbum The center won't hold de Sleater-Kinney (2019).

La canción cuenta con un vídeo con letra dirigido por JJ Guest, estrenado el 14 de junio de 2019.


I start my day on a tiny screen
Try to connect the words they're right in front of me
I walk to work out on the city streets
No one speaks to me, their stony faces beat

Never have I felt so goddamned lost and alone
Are you my friend, are you there for me
Can you come to my house, I'll tell you everything

I need you more than I ever have
Because the future's here
And we can't go back

I end my day on a tiny screen
I try to reach for you through the empty sheets
I close my eyes, and try to find some piece
Of what's left of us, and who we used to be
Tell me if you feel like you are lost and alone
I am your friend, you can cover me
Just come over here, and give me everything

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