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Destacado: 'Gloria' es el nuevo disco del cantante británico Sam Smith

Marijuana's a working woman

Freewave Lucifer F<ck F^ck F>ck
Of Montreal
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Marijuana's a working woman es la pista de apertura y primer avance del disco F<ck F^ck F>ck de Of Montreal (2022).

El video presenta una animación de Madeline Babuka Black e ilustraciones de David Barnes (hermano del líder de Of Montreal, Kevin Barnes), quien también creó las ilustraciones del disco. De la canción, Kevin Barnes comentó: "Como todas las canciones del álbum, esta se basó en el aislamiento pandémico y la lucha psicológica inherente a ese tipo de existencia. Las letras son un collage fluido de todo lo que estaba percibiendo y absorbiendo durante ese período de tiempo. Cambié el alcohol por yerba a mitad de la pandemia y a eso se refiere el título de la canción". Estreno 1 de junio de 2022.



in the sensory overload chamber massage the android until it turns on
die once every three minutes, something to look forward to throughout your day
when people ask me my gender I just tell them brunette
oh their brains are on peroxide, phony pride speaks only when it should’ve cried

naifs in decay return into TV, depression stunned celebs who are suborning people who need people to get in your face
catalog a new low and England is rife with lurchers

a jasmine chorus of mountain cur, she loves her Bowie-eyed bat faced girl
the shadow’s attempt on my life, autumn breaks it’s back for new hauntings
we saw the White Witch of Glenwood then got high and watched ourselves as re-runs
in lemon-tinted glass fans curb auto-cleft musicians to play together
pages of sound arc Andalusian raga the bloated influencer in repose
in the part of the brain that karma allows anyone perfect to be chic

maybe we should fight it always seems to make everything better

forget your mind it’s not going anywhere, or it’s going everywhere, which amounts to the same thing

graveyard pinhead straddled ghouled tears of worm for somber tuft slitherer of eternal bate, withholding naked calf brunette drowning partner,
itself’s forehead blood hiding the left hand to hovering mischief’s single dimension mis-cast imitator

dance, tell a joke, worsen the mood

listen to me

the ultimate purpose of white magic is to make my face gleam with seven rays of ice
cape heaps birds of no paradise in Ganzfeld experiments
feeding hours fulminate evil serotonin uptake inhibitors
it’s a good night to cry, I don’t have any tears left, it’s a good night to cry, I don’t have any tears left, it’s a fine night to cry

depression eels committing thought crimes, how does it feel to be a bust?

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