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KiCk i
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Nonbinary es la pista de apertura y avance del disco KiCk i de Arca (2020).

Estreno del vídeo oficial el 30 de abril de 2020. Dirigido por Frederik Heyman.



I do what I wanna do when I wanna do it
I got the bags to prove it
Hips to move it around and make shapes, yes
Trim the waste off and the waist down girl it's lift off
It's french tips wrapped round a dick
Do you want a taste?
I don't give a fuck what you think
You don't know me
You might owe me
But bitch you'll never know me
Ask me how I got here:
I worked hard
Ask me about my luck:
Yeah I've been lucky
And I've been unlucky
It's both
Don't put your shit on me
I'm special you can't tell me otherwise
That'd be a lie

Who do you think I am?
It's not who do you think you're dealing with, no
Cuz you're not 'dealing with'
There's no deal
Bitch it's real on my side
Go ahead, speak for yourself
Go ahead, speak for yourself
Cast the first stone
If you wanna be a puppet
Better yet -
Speak for your self-states
Speak for your selfstates
Speak for your selfstates
Speak for your self
Speak for your self

I can be friendly or I can be fake
I can be real or I can lick a taste
What's it gonna take
I can be sexy or I could be sad,
Act bad just to be sweet
What a treat
It is to be
ma chérie
tee hee hee

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