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The prodigal es la quinta pista del álbum Never let me go de Placebo (2022).


I leave this world
With a glint in my eye
I've untold all of my lies
And all the joy
I leave behind
I'll miss you too
Love of mine

Today no tombstone
No goodbyes
My soul is full
Watch it fly
When I return
Prodigal son
This wounded world
Will be as one

Be as one

I leave this world
A hopeful song
Without a tear
I will prolong
My bruises healed
My scars are gone
And every beating
Made me strong
So please don’t cry
Don’t think it's wrong
My soul is pure
It sings along
When I return
A better me
You'll see that sorrow can set you free

Set you free
Set you free
(I’ll set you free)
Set you free
(I’ll set you free)

I leave this world to you all
The constellations will never fall
And if you’re fearful
Bare no mind
The sun will rise
Heed your call

No open casket
No sullen wake
Your will heart will mend
If you break
So without greed
Without pride
Shout I'm alive
I am alive

(I’ll set you free)
I am alive
(I’ll set you free)
I am alive
(I’ll set you free)
I am alive
(I’ll set you free)
I am alive

(I’ll set you free)
(I’ll see you free)

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