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Research es una canción incluida en la edición deluxe del álbum Dark sky paradise (2015) de Big Sean. Con la colaboración de Ariana Grande.


These hoes be doing research
I swear she like this piece of hair off in the sink ain't come from me first, no, no

The way you stressin' got me blowin' indo outdoor
Everytime you intro that's my queue to outro
And I know all my niggas call you crazy
You just misunderstood though
Through all the evil in your eyes I can still see the good though
But you unlockin' my cell like you is a cop
How you decode all my V-mails, G-mails even P.O. boxes got me P.O.’d
You saw my emails with CeCe when you wasn't CC'd
I'm on my way to halfway baby I need you to meet me
You talkin' bout I had the key to your heart
Then I got my first European you took that key then you keyed it
What type of shit do we be in?
Blowin' up TNTn'
Hella drama, TMZ'n
Bitch I'm leavin' then she switched the shit like

[Hook - Ariana Grande:]
I still have to hide, hide, hide, hide
Now you next to me at night, night, night, night
You test me all the time, time, time, time
Say I know what you like, like I did the last time
Do you remember? Do you remember?
Do you remember? Do you remember?
When you have nothing to hide, hide, hide, hide

These hoes be doing research
I swear she like this piece of hair off in the sink
Ain't come from me first, no, no
You hang around too God damn long it's like you need work
Man, these hoes be doing research
Doin' research

Okay I know you did some research, well shit I did too
I saw you wearin' Drake's chain like you were part of his crew
I saw you chillin' with Meek Mill up at the summer jam oooh
I hope my eyes the one that’s lying to me girl and not you
We all got a past but there's shit that I can't pass
Seein' you at the soho house I know you can't afford that tat
When I run into Chris Brown and he laugh cause he know what you know
When I don't it make me feel like I don't know your ass



Compositores: Leland Tyler Wayne, Dacoury Natche, Sean Michael Anderson
Copyright: My Last Publishing, Grandarimusic, Sony/ATV Sonata, Pluto Mars Music, Dahi Productions, Irving Music Inc., Universal Music Corp.

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