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St. Charles square

The ballad of Darren
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St. Charles square es el segundo corte y el segundo avance del disco The ballad of Darren de Blur (2023). Estreno del video oficial dirigido por Toby L el 29 de junio de 2023.



I fucked up
I’m not the first to do it
Must forgoe now, your smile
Off the wall, beige
I’m fixtures and fittings
Call me out but call me

‘Cause there is something down here
And it’s living under the floorboards
Its grabbed me round the neck with its long and slender claws
Don’t leave me here baby don’t leave me completely
‘Cause I might not get back to myself at all

St Charles Square
This year’s migration
Basement flat with window bars
Pauli’s outside
Spare me the gloaters and the pain
I don’t want it anymore

‘Cause there is something down here
And it’s living under the floorboards
It’s up and down the clock of the townhall back in time
Oh I’ll ride with you baby, I’ll ride with you forever
But we might not get back to ourselves at all
No Tesco disco
The room is shrinking fast around me
It’s grabbed me by the ankle
And pulled me under
Loneliness I’ve been here before

‘Cause every generation has its gilded poseurs
Weird vibrations in the basement
I don’t like this scene
Pauli’s ghost come back to haunt me
Think I’m going to …

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