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 Musicalia >> Bruce Springsteen >> High hopes >> Harry's place
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Bruce Springsteen: High hopes - portada reducidaAmpliar
Harry's place
High hopes
Bruce Springsteen
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Downtown hipsters drinking up the drug line
Down in the kitchen working in the coal mine
Got a special sin, mister, you can't quite confess
Messy little problem, maybe baby need a new dress
Razor-back diamond you shine too hard
Need a hammer help you handle little trouble in your backyard
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)

When Harry speaks it's Harry's streets, in Harry's house it's Harry's rules
You don't wanna be around, brother, when Harry schools
It's Harry's car, Harry's wife, Harry's dogs run Harry's town
Your blood and money spit shines Harry's crown
You don't fuck with Harry's money, you don't fuck Harry's girls
These are the rules, this is the world
(When you bring it on down to Harry's Place)
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)

You need a little shot of something to improve your health
A taste of that one little weakness you allow yourself
You're looking for the key of that box you locked yourself in
Just step up to the line and be one of Harry's friends

Shithole on the corner, no light, no sign
Nobody on the street 'cept the deaf, dumb, and blind
Mayor Conner's on the couch, Father McGowan's at the bar
Chief Horton's at the door checking who the fuck you are

Seesaw Bobby dressed in drag and Mr. Nice
Carry me into the back room and dim the lights
My arms strapped to the table, a thousand angels spinning up the room
A voice whispers in my ear, "We do what we must do"
(When we bring it on down to Harry's Place)
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)

Nobody knows his number, nobody knows his name
If he didn't exist, it'd all go on just the same
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)
(Bring it on down to Harry's Place)

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