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It's different for girls

Innocence reaches
Of Montreal
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It's different for girls es el primer single de Innocence reaches (2016), un álbum de Of Montreal.

La canción cuenta con un videoclip dirigido por Stephen Winter, estrenado el 29 de junio de 2016.



[Verse 1]
It's different for girls
They've got sensitive language
They've built miles of defenses
They're not numbed by oppression

It's different for girls
From when they are children, they're depersonalized
Aggressively objectified
They want to make a scene
They want to be adored
And then they want to be left alone when they get bored with that
It's different for girls
They are mercurial creatures, not a masculine dissonance
Or sexual currency

Though some of them are demons, all of them are gods
Though some demons are women
For every one psycho bitch, there's 10,000 aggro pricks
It's different for girls

[Verse 2]
It's different for girls
They don't spit on the streets
They don't piss on the seat
They don't have to size up every person they meet
Or create an elite
Or poison the game so no one else can compete

They are chaos and mystery
And they like to combine them
Sometimes they act crazy
But that doesn't define them

It's different for girls
They're not expected to fight
They're expected to sit and take some lesser man's shit
Though it don't feel right
No, don't feel right

Though some women are demons, all of them are gods
Though some demons are women
For every one psycho chick, there's 10,000 hateful pricks

It's different
It's different
It's different

Yeah, it's different for girls
It's different for girls

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