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Destacado: ALICIA es el título del séptimo álbum de Alicia Keys

What this world is coming to

Grand romantic
Nate Ruess, Beck
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What this world is coming to es una de las canciones incluidas en el álbum debut en solitario de Nate Ruess, Grand romantic (2015). Un tema para el que cuenta con la colaboración de Beck.


Someone sucked the life out of the room
when that someone said goodbye much too soon
I'd hate for you to love me cause you saw me out with someone who
you read about in the news

But I guess that's what this world is coming to

I watched as your wrists began to bruise
threading ribbons weaving patterns
beautiful and blue
All your late nights came to life
and then died upon just one dislike
Never mind all the people that you moved

But I guess that's what this world is coming to

So let's get high under the moonlight
even the stars go right over our head
I think I'm gonna shine in the afterlife
leaving the fight for peace of mind instead

You know that I can't stop thinkin' bout you
You're the source of everything I do
You brought faith to songs I sing
so I went and bought a diamond ring
I wanna spend each night here with you
Yeah you took everything I was
and you turned it into something I've become
Good god what's a boy to do?

But I guess that's what my life is coming to

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