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White lies es el primer single adelanto del álbum Sigo regando de Belako (2023). Estreno del video oficial el 2 de junio de 2023.



How can I take back all the times I let you down
You were the one to see me in the darkest hour
Diving beyond your soul
I don’t fear your ghost is a silver lighting

I rather say goodbye
Don’t go blind
I rather say goodbye
Don’t look back
How kind of you to care but
Why didn’t we put an end before it went to hell
I can still hear your complaints about how fast we hike
Grieving has proved to be such a neglected state of mind
I rather say goodbye
Than go blind
I rather say goodbye and
Never look back
White lies
Keep us quiet make us party
White dust
Traces under their noses
White mouths
Speaking the one and only truth
White ears assimilate whatever suits ‘em well
White guns
Blowing up brains since forever
White walls
There to restrain protesters
White fear
Leading us into war conflicts
White pills
Slipped into our cereals
White kids
Building up an army against
White highs
Dissociation to survive jail
White lies
White lies
White lies
White lies

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