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Driving me wild

Bryan Ferry
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Driving me wild es el segundo single de Avonmore (2014), un disco de Bryan Ferry.


My heart is pounding
I'm trembling with rage
I'm wrestling with my demons
on every page

Can't read that label
I can't make it out
It's a world of confusion
that I'm talking about

You're driving me wild,
you're driving me wild,
you're driving me wild,
You're driving me wild,
you're driving me wild,
you're driving me wild.

It's tearing me apart
How can I escape
the shape I'm in
No dream will ever be the same
Everything around calls your name

I'm dealing with a feeling
Like nobody knows an unkindness of ravens
A murder of crows

Out in the cold
I'm feeling so bad
Can't stop thinking about you
and times we had

You're driving me wild…

Don't leave me in despair
Listen to my plea
Just one more time
I know that love can be unfair
Wandering on my own, one of a kind

I keep on blaming myself
I'm a wise guy why do I end up on the shelf
A man with a mission, a dog with a bone
I type with one finger, destination unknown

You're driving me wild…
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