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Brazil es una canción de Iggy Azalea.

Lanzamiento 2 de abril de 2021.


Paid for this body and none of it cheap
I heard your song now I’m going to sleep
Boys in my yard but this ain’t from Kelis
Look at my cars you see nothing a lease
yea, im Showin my cards how I play with a king
Heard they was sleep but I’m breaking a dream
Closing a deal while you making a meme
Superstar status I stay in the hills
Light $100,000 to play in some heels
Festival season? I’m out in Brazil
See that I’m hot an I aint go no chill
Mercedes the benz and I park on the curb
Your man wanna pitch, but Im tossin a curve
The way that I live ? You might call it absurd

For real - I got it
All I got is these racks my pocket
Stick my tongue out I’m feeling erotic
Hear my accent He think I’m exotic
And still - I Got it
Hands all over my body
Hands all up in his wallet
Baddest bitch up in the party

I’m a fantasy You a tragedy
And I’m rich, that’s some shit you will never be
This a movie I’m something they wanna see
Had a baby bounced back like I’m 23
I had Millions on millions at 23
Think it’s funny that someone can fuck with me
Talking down the whole time they look up to me
Y’all my children I skipped out custody
Take my time ain’t no rushing me
Haters in love with me
Faces is ugly, Bitches is mad
I worked at a store I still get to the bag
A Cover star, magazine, look at my ass
I’m the front page...

Take your shot, wait. It’s a pump fake
Checkers or chess?... Don’t play with the best
Or bitch you end up a mess

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