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Just one kiss

11 past the hour
Imelda May, Noel Gallagher, Ronnie Wood
El disco te parece que es:

Just one kiss -con las colaboraciones de Noel Gallagher y Ronnie Wood- es un adelanto del álbum 11 past the hour de Imelda May (2021).

"En ese momento sabes que puede ir en cualquier dirección. La aguda noción de que si sucumbes puedes perder el control. La decisión en una fracción de segundo que sabes que podría cambiar todo con un solo beso. ¿Podrías resistirte?" - Imelda May.

Estreno del video oficial el 28 de enero de 2021.



"Wanna fool around?"
What you said
A simple little phrase
Can only go to my head
Bad side. Good side.
Upside down
You were foolin no-one
When you said let's fool around

Just one kiss
But what could come from this

Movin' like an animal
Got caught in my eye
You pull me a little closer
Dancin' thigh to thigh
You had to run away
You headed to the door
I counted to one
And you were back for more

Kneel at my temple
Drink from my well
Oh babe the only way is down
If you're headed to hell
Hold your head high
Look at my lunar eclipse
Send me to heaven baby
With your lips


Are you my solace in this brambled world
Is there a nest for a bird to rest in
Are you the warm sun I can raise my face t'ward
And worship without fear of being scorched

Are you the moon
That a tide could turn to
When the pull is overwhelming
Without fear of drowning in the dark
Are you my solitude
In the swarm that surrounds me
The gaze that grounds me
When I'm swept away

Are you
Or is this too much to ask?
Are you
Or is this too much to wish for?

I'm not seeking a saviour
I know my God
Nor rescue
I'm capable
Don't want a home
That's within me
Nor (you) to complete me
I am whole

Are you the moon that a tide could turn to
When the pull is overwhelming, without fear of drowning in the dark.

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