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Nothing makes sense anymore

Post traumatic
Mike Shinoda
El disco te parece que es:

Con un videoclip oficial creado por el propio artista estrenado el 29 de marzo de 2018.



I used to know where the bottom was
Somewhere far under the ocean waves
Up on a ledge I was looking down
It was far enough to keep me safe
But the ground was cracked open
Threw me in the ocean
Cast me out away at sea
And the waves are still breaking
Now that I awaken
No one's left to answer me

My inside's out / my left is right
My upside's down / my black is white
I hold my breath / and close my eyes
And wait for dawn but there's no light
Nothing makes sense anymore anymore
Nothing makes sense anymore anymore

I used to sleep without waking up
In a dream I made from painted walls
I was a moment away from done
When the black spilled out across it all
And my eyes were made sober
World was turned over
Washing out the lines I'd seen
And my heart is still breaking
Now that I awaken
No one's left to answer me

I'm a call without an answer
I'm a shadow in the dark
Trying to put it back together
As I watch it fall apart

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