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Destacado: 'The tortured poets department' es el nuevo disco de Taylor Swift
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Starting over es la pista titular y primer single de un álbum de Chris Stapleton (2020).

Estreno del video oficial el 19 de septiembre de 2020.


Well the road rolls out like a welcome mat
To a better place than the one we're at
And I ain't got no kind of plan
But I've had all of this town I can stand

And I got friends out on the coast
We could jump in the water and see what floats
And we been saving for a rainy day
Let's beat the storm and be on our way

And it don't matter to me
Wherever we are is where I want to be
And honey for once in our lives
Let's take our chances and roll the dice
And I can be your lucky penny
You can be my four leaf clover
Starting over

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