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Destacado: 'Chemtrails over the country club' es lo nuevo de Lana del Rey
El disco te parece que es:

Skellig es la primera pista, la titular y el primer adelanto de un álbum de David Gray (2021).

Estreno del video oficial el 22 de enero de 2021.



Oh that the song I'm singing
Was an ocean wide
And that the word I'm bringing
Reaches over to the other side

Each heart a burning vessel
Out on a pitch black wave
Chewing the bone and gristle
When it's the flesh of love we crave

And when a lie starts dancing
Oh boy it sure can run
Be halfway around the world
Before the truth can get its trousers on

And in a nightclub mirror
I caught the merest glimpse
Of my pre-human spirit
Frozen like a deer yeah, in the headlamps

Until it just don't matter
Until we're far from care
And when illusions shatter
You see the carnage everywhere

So with a taste like metal
On through the fog of war
So many hurts like nettles
All growing up around my door

I'm gonna cut that stairway
Yeah with my own bare hands
Up to that high rock plateau
Make my home inside the winds

Inside the winds
Inside the winds
Up to that high rocky plateau
Make my home inside the winds

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