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Save your love

James Bay
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Save your love es la tercera pista del disco Leap de James Bay (2022). Estreno del video oficial dirigido por Alexa Cha el 12 de julio de 2022.



You know it ain’t good for you
When you follow him round
Follow him round
Like he’s some god to you
Lifting you up
Knocking you down
Then he stops calling you
And you try to keep it hid
But you’re drowning in your tears
As I watch you disappear.
We’re grown enough to make our own decisions,
And I‘m not just saying things to blur your vision,
Truth is that it’s more than intuition,
Even if your body doesn’t wanna listen.
Save your love
For someone who’s never gonna run
For someone who’s there when you wake up
Be careful who you choose
Coz you still got a heart to lose.
Save your love,
For someone who will appreciate
Who’s willing to give the time it takes
I wish that it wasn’t true
But he ain’t good enough for you.
I wanna do right for you
Be a shoulder to cry
Drying your eyes
You know that I’d fight for you
Til the end of the night
The day that I die
Don’t wanna have to watch you fall apart
But I’ll stay
Til you say
You’re ok

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