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Destacado: 'Dawn FM' es el quinto álbum de estudio de The Weeknd
El disco te parece que es:

Con un videoclip dirigido por el propio Mike Shinoda, estrenado el 26 de abril de 2018.



This is that gather round it / and wonder where I found it
This is that wake up make your agent have your tour re-routed
This is that drama comma pain and ain't no way around it
Cause somehow still it's hard to know what I can say about it
I buckled up told myself to suck it up
I was scared to death to get up there and spill my fucking guts
I was saying pull your stupid self together buttercup
get it cracking Back in Black until you have em Thunderstruck

Even when it's not about you, about you
All the sudden it's about you now, oh
Even when it's not about you, about you
All the sudden it's about you

No, there's not a single thing that I can say
Not a single solitary / every meaning changes shape
Even when there's no connection back to you in any line
All the sudden it's about you and it gets me every time but
What the fuck is left to author anyway
When I basically been writing since the Raiders ran LA
I'm afraid that maybe I've said everything there is to say
Maybe I should make an exit while there're ways to get away, cause

can't find the words to a memory
but these are just words to a melody
find something that works fits the symmetry
for only a quick broken remedy
and i'd give anything to choose
pick out the words i bring home to u
how can i make due
put a smile on change my attitude
and even though it's not about u
everything is all about u
all about u

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