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Garden song es la segunda pista y primer single del álbum Punisher de Phoebe Bridgers (2020).

La canción cuenta con un vídeo oficial dirigido por Jackson Bridgers, estrenado el 26 de febrero de 2020.



Someday I'm gonna live in your house up on the hill
And when your skinhead neighbor goes missing
I'll plant a garden in the yard then
They're gluing roses on a flatbed
You should see it, I mean thousands
I grew up here till it all went up in flames
Except the notches in the doorframe

I don't know when you got taller
See our reflection in the water
Off a bridge at the Huntington
I hopped the fence when I was seventeen
Then I knew what I wanted

When I grow up I'm gonna look up from my phone and see my life
And it's gonna be just like my recurring dream
I'm at the movies
I don't remember what I'm seeing

The screen turns in to a tidal wave
Then it's a dorm room like a hedge maze and when I find you
You touch my leg and I insist
But I wake up before we do it

I don't how but I'm taller
It must be something in the water
Everything's growing in our garden
You don't have to know that it's haunted
The doctor put her hands over my liver
She told me my resentment's getting smaller
No I'm not afraid of hard work
I get everything I want
I have everything I wanted

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