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Destacado: 'Imploding the mirage' es el sexto álbum de The Killers
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Kyoto es el tercer corte y segundo single del álbum Punisher de Phoebe Bridgers (2020).

La canción cuenta con un vídeo oficial dirigido por Nina Ljeti, estrenado el 9 de abril de 2020.


Day off in Kyoto, got bored at the temple
Looked around at the 7-11
The band took the speed train, went to the arcade
I wanted to go but I didn't
You called me from a payphone, they still got pay phones
It cost a dollar a minute
To tell me you're getting sober and you wrote me a letter
But I don't have to read it

I'm gonna kill you
If you don't beat me to it
Dreaming through Tokyo skies
I wanted to see the world
Then I flew over the ocean
And I changed my mind

Sunset's been a freak show
On the weekend so I've been driving out to the suburbs
To park at the Goodwill and stare at the chem trails
With my little brother
He said you called on his birthday
You were off by like ten days
But you get a few points for trying
Remember getting the truck fixed when you let us drive it
25 felt like flying

I don't forgive you
But please don't hold me to it
Born under Scorpio skies
I wanted to see the world
Through your eyes until it happened
Then I changed my mind

Guess I lied
I'm a liar
Who lies
Cause I'm a liar

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