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Scene of the crime

Loud like love
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Rebecca Rice dirige el videoclip de Scene of the crime, una canción incluida en el disco Loud like love de Placebo.


Send me a sign, Let me know
Give me a time, a place I should go
Reach inside, watch me grow
See me rise

Scene of the crime, the star of the show
If you were mine, then we would know
The peace of mind and seeds that we sow
Are intertwined

We almost made it,
but making it was overrated

Scene of the crime, a friend or a foe
I got a body to hide, I got a body on show
And with our bodies entwined
We will know paradise

Scene of the crime, go with the flow
Take it fast, take it slow
Stay blind so I don't know
What's right

Our breath that berates before our rise-
The ground beneath that shakes under our weight,
we almost made it,
Making it is overrated.

Making it is overrated. [x4]

Scene of the crime

Compositores: Stefan Olsdal, Brian Molko,steven Joseph Forrest, William Patrick Lloyd
Lyrics © BMG Publishing LTD

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