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Destacado: 'Loom' es el nuevo álbum del grupo Imagine Dragons
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Both ways es la pista de apertura y primer avance del álbum Satellites de The Script (2024), una canción pop-funk de ritmo rápido para la pista de baile. Lanzamiento y estreno del video oficial el 17 de mayo de 2024.



I said that I was high,
To hide my red eyes,
Said I was glad to see you gone,
But underneath I’m dying
I saw you in the street,
You said that you were fine,
But baby just below the surface i could see you’re lying,

Was it stubbornness, or was it just pride,
That had us stepping off the ledge,
Love suicide,
I’ve got let you know before we call time,
When i’m somewhere off my face and you’re on my mind

If you miss it, miss the magic,
Miss the feeling, well the feeling goes both ways,
Like the river, like the traffic,
Like the flow of the words we say
It’s electric, like a current,
And it’s running through my veins,
If you miss me, like I miss you,
Then the feeling goes both ways

I’m a big boy, they say we don’t cry,
We just down a couple doubles have a fist fight,
I told your daddy once, I told your mamma twice,
That if they let me in your life that i’m gon treat you right
You are the thing that I can’t replace,
You are a star yeah and stars need space,
We’re worlds apart, baby that’s okay,
Cause gravity, will bring you back to me

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