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Destacado: 'Cuatro' es el cuarto álbum de Camilo
Cold War Kids: Dear Miss Lonelyhearts - portada reducida
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A swollen tongue, a plastic gun
Red burn from an orange sun
These oil rigs will crack and run
These palm trees will be chopped to a stump

I've wandered, seen visions, I never could fit in
I'm out there, you'll find me, I never lost that easy

You imitate, all night stay awake
You study ancient intelligence
It's a lonely life by candlelight
To make believe, you talk to the dead

I've wandered, seen visions, I've gone off the deep end
I'm out there, you'll find me, I never lost that easy

My drunken confession, sick in the bathtub
While you take your make-up off
You take yourself so serious
If we didn't laugh, we're crying all the time

No matter where I've been, I never could fit in
Don't worry where I'll be, I never lost that easy

Compositor: Dann Gallucci
Copyright: Downtown Music Publishing LLC, The Best Dressed Chicken In Town, Sony/ATV Harmony

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