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A line of shots

How do you burn?
The Afghan Whigs
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A line of shots es el tercer anticipo del álbum How do you burn? de The Afghan Whigs (2022). Estreno 20 de julio de 2022. El video oficial dirigido por Patrick Pierson el 6 de septiembre de 2022, tres días antes del lanzamiento del disco.



I’ve seen the way you commandeer-
Blow out the candles, then disappear

Embrace the dust
Double clutch heresy-
Let’s watch the night
Explode in the street-

Don’t wait so long
The feeling’s coming over
You wait around
And it’s coming back to get you
Don’t wait too long
The feeling’s gonna come in a wave-
In a wave-

What’s this? They checked out the alibi
Bitch, I checked in as the reason why
I’m getting closer to the sun-

You hurt so long
Here comes the dark moment
Come along they’re waiting
Come along they’re waiting
For us to run
But for us to run is running away

Away from now
Away from thee
A simple lie to call upon your sympathy

Everybody get out of line
Everybody get out of line
Everybody get out of line

(Left speaker)
And where were you?
Always nothing there
I aim to go

(Right speaker)
And those that stay
Will meet inside
For no one else
For you and me
Will see what lies within


Drop top
Mop top
Driving to the pop shop

Pit stop
Pit stop
You can hear the pin drop

Chop chop
Cash crop
Back into the truck stop

Drop top
Pit stop
Step into a cold cock

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