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Destacado: 'Cuando te muerdes el labio' es el nuevo disco de Leiva
El disco te parece que es:

Con un vídeo oficial estrenado el 16 de abril de 2018.



Don't show your true colours
Let them lie follow someone else's dream
One day I'll look back at this and die
But you won't know what it means
To never see me

Did we sail you down river?
Do you run around all day avoiding mirrors?
Do you find comfort in the hate?
Is this abuse too late?
My heart's just bleeding for you
And this is my f**k you to you

By the time you were into my blood
I was all of seventeen
You were the light of my life
And the darkness in-between
Whatever that means

Did they sail you down river?
Did they give you stuff to keep your head together?
When your fake to the core
What are you keeping it real for?
Dumb hearts lie bleeding for you
So this is a f**k you

I used to see you in my dreams
But I could not compete
Then you taught me the value
Of never losing sleep
How you sink like a home putting children on the street

Is it anger or sympathy
How I sail you down river?
But you must feel some disdain then I'll forgive you
All day long you are night
But I am vaguely right
My hearts just bleeding for you
This is a f**k you
This is my f**k you to you

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